Monday, August 2, 2010

The Korean Military: Cup Stacking Already

REPORT #2 (August 2, 2010) 8:26 p.m. local time: The Korean Military: Cup Stacking Already

It took me about 2 hours from arrival at base to get into Osan Air Force Base, here in Korea on Sunday morning. Paper work needed to be filed. My escort was in church. No one could get a hold of anyone else. It was a Sunday after all.

It took about 5 minutes from arrival at base to convince an armed Korean guard at the check-in post (Main Gate at Osan) to challenge me to a cup stacking match. One of the American guards (there were 4 of them and 2 Korean, all in full uniform, guns included) asked why I was visiting the base. When I told her cup stacking and pulled out the set of plastic sport cups, the second Korean guard's eyes lit up. He shook his head no when I asked if he had seen them before. I showed him two patterns and his hands left his M4 and immediately started to play. I showed him one more and challenged him. The Main Gate was in hysterics. Maybe cup stacking is some form of a universal language. PS, I won!

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